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October 29, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Editorial, Roxette

With the new Roxette tour just starting there is some confusion about the infamous hashtag to use when posting about it. We suggest the hashtag #roxxxette to be used everywhere, like Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter to name but a few.


Back in the Wild East

October 29, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Exclusive, Live, Roxette

VLADIVOSTOK - We've reached Per backstage after the opening show in Vladivostok, Russia.

How was it being back on stage with Rox again?
- Splendido. Felt like Mexico City 2012 was just two weeks ago. This band is tighter than Uncle Scrooge.
So everything went as planned then?
- A few hiccups with the lights and some acoustic guitar glappkontakt [loose contact]. Otherwise, ten out of ten. Probably the best opening show we ever did.
You sound delighted! What was best/worst?
- Great setlist which is not that easy to achieve since we’re so used to the old one. The new songs felt cool. Superb response for "Queen of Rain" and "Real Sugar." Otherwise a typical Roxette bonanza in the Wild East.
Being waaaay out in Siberia, did the crowd behave?
- Yes they did. They were truly great. Some were dressed up for the occasion, others were singing louder than Magnus.
Magnus sings?? Were there any songs that felt extra great/bad?
- Some of my ballads went slightly fast due to the fact that I’ve been running like a madman on the previous uptempo songs. My pulse was hitting the ceiling...

What did Marie think about the premiere?
- Very happy. She was soooo good. If she sings like this on show #1 how will she sound down the road??? The sky’s the limit!

And I have to ask, was Pelle on time?
- No. He was reading alternative warfare and almost missed it all.

With that Per has to run, there's opening show champagne for the band and he's the one who has to perform the sabrage...


Tour kicks off today - and the setlist is revealed!

October 28, 2014 — by Paul Belben — Live, Roxette

VLADIVOSTOK - Today is the day!  Roxette's 30th Anniversary World Tour kicks off today in the Russian town of Vladivostok.  The town is 9 hours ahead of CET which means that, at time of publishing this article, we have around two hours to wait until the first song is played? 

What will be the first song played?  Well, the setlist has already been released.  There are no massive surprises on the setlist, so far.  It's good to see Room Service is represented this time around though. It's highly likely that two or three songs will be added and/or changed



Per: New Roxette album late next year, project with David Guetta

October 26, 2014 — by Visa Kopu — Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle, Roxette

The Finnish newspaper Iltalehti recently had an interview with Per Gessle. The insightful piece is written by a long-time Roxette fan Mari Pudas.

In the interview, Per reveals that a new Roxette album will be released "after summer." A single will be released in early 2015.

Per also tells that since summer 2013 he's been working on another project where he's cooperated with David Guetta and Swedish DJs. The new material is modern and electronic, almost techno. "I wanted to challenge myself to write music in a new way and see where it leads."

Per says that "the album has typical Roxette elements but they sound fresh" and that "he's happy that they've moved on and not just repeating themselves." It's not entirely clear if he's referring to the forthcoming Roxette album or another project. Anyway, Per already published a statement on Facebook that the collaboration with Guetta is definitely not about Roxette material.

In the second part of the interview Per talks about Marie and her illness – how she can't see properly with her other eye, how she had to learn to read and write again, and how moving is difficult. "The fact that Marie fought her way back to the limelight and that Roxette is active again is one of my biggest fulfilled dreams," says Per. "Marie is like an Amazon, she has so much willpower. I'm so happy that we're able to work together and tour the world."

Their previous tour started in Kazan, Russia in February 2011 and ended in September 2012. They had 130 concerts in 46 countries. 1.5 million people saw them perform live. Still, Per noticed that one tour was not enough for Marie. "She wants more and more concerts," says Per.

Next week Roxette is starting their 30th anniversary tour. "The rehearsals have been pure joy. Marie is highly motivated and she sings fantastically. Mentally she's just fine, but she has problems with her feet. Sometimes she doesn't feel them at all and can suddenly fall. Then sometimes she moves just like any of us. Rehabilitation process is slow. But the longer we get with the tour, the better she feels. That's how it went the last time as well."


Roxette’s 30 biggest hits on double CD collection “XXX”

October 22, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Releases, Roxette

The longest lasting and most successful pop group ever to come out of Scandinavia are making themselves ready to hit the road again.

We’re talking about Roxette, of course—the dynamic duo consisting of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, who’s melodic songs with their irresistible hooks and soaring choruses spread like wildfire all over the world some 25 years ago. And guess what, the heat is still on.

The brand-new collection Roxette XXX – The 30 Biggest Hits is a testament to the band’s incredible staying power. Two CDs with 30 songs, most of which can be heard over the airwaves just around the corner as well as on the other side of the planet, while you read this.

We’re talking hits. Smashes. Global anthems. Out of the 30 songs handpicked for this album, 28 were released as singles. They are complemented by two stand-out album tracks—both "(Do You Get) Excited" and "Perfect Day" being culled from the group’s 11-million+ selling third album Joyride, released in 1991.

Roxette’s 1989 breakthrough single ”The Look” kicks off the show. And rightly so. Soon after the song entered the # 1 position on the US Billboard singles chart in March 1989, it also found its way to the top in 24 other countries. Within weeks, Roxette was a global pop phenomenon.



Roxette tours starts in EIGHT DAYS

October 20, 2014 — by Paul Belben — Editorial, Exclusive, Live, Roxette

There are only EIGHT days until Roxette's latest world tour, dubbed the 30th Anniversary Tour, kicks off at the 7,000 seat Fetisov Arena in Vladivostok, Russia.  Following on from the massive 'Neverending Tour', which ended in October 2012, it will be interesting to see how the world react to Roxette's return. 

Per and Marie have been busy over the last few days in rehersals but we will have to wait until the opening night to see what surprises will be on the setlist.  We all know that the big monster hits will be played, but which gems have been picked by the band? Which song will open the concerts off this time?  TDR covered this topic with a article published earlier this year.  You can view it here




September 23, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Per Gessle, Releases, Roxette

Well, what do you know! Not much as it turns out. Last night the full Per Gessle Archives were let loose (except volume 5 which still is a vinyl exclusive)! Enjoy the 10 digital parts with commentary on Spotify and iTunes, and probably more sites to come. More info, and links, at the Archives site.


Per Gessle: "I can't discuss that."

September 20, 2014 — by Thomas Evensson — Exclusive, Per Gessle, Releases, Roxette

Per is in the process of signing all his pre-ordered boxes, more than 1,000. His arm hurts, but that doesn't stop him from grinning. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions that's been on all our minds: Per, big (huge you might say even) box, 2 books, wine, Rox record and Rox tour... How do you find all the time? How does your wife feel about all this?
Well Tom, you have to ask her! She’s pretty busy herself with our hotel and our son and the two budgies. I’m doing all the cookin’!

She’s the next call on my list, promise. Now, you've just started recording the new Rox record, what can we expect, a full album, EP, single? How's Marie doing after her vacation, she looks great in your photos?
Marie’s fine. We start rehearsing for the tour pretty soon and have also recorded a couple of new tracks. They sound fab by the way! I have written quite a few new songs for Rox and we’re looking forward to record them one of these years.

Time’s getting short yes. Will you have time for any signing sessions, for the box or the books? Boox..?
I’ll do some signings at the Gothenburg Book Fair next weekend if you wanna pop by!

Hey, sure why not! When exactly did you come up with the idea for the PGA?
When I realized that so many people seemed to be truly interested. I noticed that every time I shared demos on the Internet. So... I talked to MP to see if it was possible to find all the old stuff in the vaults. And it was. He has done a fantastic job getting it all together. Mending old analogue tapes and making them sound perfect. Per thinks. And hey, Pär Wickholm (the designer) has created his masterpiece with the PGA box.
And the Cosmos Music people who release it have had so many cool ideas. They work endlessly. Without all those guys and dolls this couldn’t have happened! I’m just the Godfather, saying yes or no.